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Characters: Blaise, Elliott, and Daphne
Rating: Pg-13
Daphne threw her homework onto the bed, and looked around. The room was deserted. Deciding to make up an excuse for her homework in the morning she made her way down to the common room. There was bound to be someone down there to talk to or pick on.

Elliott looked up from his chair. "Hello, Daphne. How is life treating you?" he asked, taking a sip of vodka from a bottle in his lap.

"It's ignoring me. I'm so sick of homework," she answered, eyeing the bottle on his lap. "Where'd you get that? I had to risk expulsion to go to Hogsmeade for mine!"

Blaise entered the common room and hurried over to where his friends were talking. "Daph, I honestly don't know how I'll pass Transfigur-" he paused. "Ooh! Is that vodka? Where'd you get that?" He sat on the edge of the seat that Elliott was in and looked at the bottle, his eyes glinting.

He grinned, offering the bottle in the general direction of both of them. "My dad gave a couple bottles to me as a going-away present, but you're welcome to some. I also have a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, if you're interested," he said, stretching.

Daphne declined the bottle. "Sorry I don't drink it straight, and it wouldn't be a good idea right now anyway, weeknight."

"Well if you won't have any..." Blaise said, grinning and grabbing the bottle. He took a long swig from the bottle and handed it back to Elliott. "More for us." He smiled and leaned back.

Daphne laughed at Blaise's "enthusiasm" for alcohol. "Where's Theodore tonight, Blaise?" she asked, then turned to Elliot. "How about you? Find a special lover girl... or boy... over the summer?"

Chuckling, Blaise closed his eyes. "I've no idea where he is. " He ran a hand through his hair. He opened his eyes and looked at Elliott expectantly. "Well, did you?"

Elliott rolled his eyes. "I wish... But it was nothing but a summer fuh --- summer fling," he said, coughing slightly.

Daphne laughed, "It's alright you can say it. Say it nice and loud, 'I had a lovely summer fuck.'"

"That's the spirit, Daph," Blaise said, grabbing the bottle again and taking a sip.

He laughed in a rather drunk manner. "She was quite, erm, talented, but then also emotionally unstable, thought she was a vampire or something. I met another person after her, but it didn't work out, either." Elliott sighed again, remembering that strange night on the moor. "How about you, Daphne? Haven't seen you hanging around anyone lately."

"Me? Hah," she laughed. "All the boys I've met over the summer were exactly that. Just boys. They either couldn't keep up, or were just plain frightened."

"Well I had a perfectly horrible summer," Blaise said, nodding decidedly. "And I'm not even frightening."

"Where did you spend your summer, anyway? Italy, with the family, or were you somewhere else?" Elliott took another gulp of vodka, and pulled a crumpled brown paper bag out of his pack. He hesitated, unsure of whether this was alright, and looked up at Blaise, sure he knew what was in the bag.

"Oh, for Merlin's sake..." Blaise reached over and opened the bag, laughing. "No, we visited my sister in France. Why would she ever move to France, of all places?"

Elliott glanced apologetically at Daphne. "Do you mind if we... have some?" he asked. "Snape's not around, and I think as long as we were quiet about it, he wouldn't care."

Touching the brown paper lovingly, he spoke. "Enchanted marijuana... it doesn't smoke, it's not addictive, and it won't give you red eyes."

"I don't mind, hon," she told him, "I don't think Snape would either. It's still a good idea to keep quiet about it though."

Blaise smirked and propped his feet up on the table. "You must tell us more about these summer flings, Moon." He took another gulp of the liquid and leaned his head back, staring at the ceiling nonchalantly.

Elliott bit his lip, smiling through it. "Alright, alright." He rolled some dark powder into a paper, and flicked the lighter. He took a deep drag on the joint, moaning softly. "Mmm... that's good stuff. Right. Well, I met a girl named Jess volunteering at Saint Trystans - it's like the Scottish Saint Mungos - and we ended up having sex on the floor in the laundry room," he said.

Daphne hopped off the chair's arm and leant against the mantel piece. "Do go on."

"That lasted until she decided she was a vampire and bit a Healer." He raised his eyebrows, and shrugged. "My other fling... well, erm. I'm not sure about how I feel about it yet."

"Oh, come on." Blaise smirked knowingly and grabbed the bag, pulling it into his lap. "You can tell us."

"Oh come on, Elliot, it's just us!" Daphne insisted. Amusing, amusing.

He sighed, chuckling slightly. "Well... I don't really want everyone to know. I think it might have just been the weed, or maybe it was something more, but it was a guy, and I'm not sure which way I go," he said. "My neighbor, a Swedish boy... well, he pressured me," Elliott said meekly, and hid himself as best he could behind his joint, pretending to be extremely interested in the paper.

Blaise grinned. "Was he gorgeous? I've heard Swedish boys are." He paused to roll up a joint and light it. "You can go both ways, you know."

"How do the Swedes do?" Daphne asked. "And why is everyone so culturally enriched when it comes to shagging except me?"

"I'm not 'culturally enriched', Daph. I've just heard some things..." he took a drag on the joint. "Are you calling me a slut?"

Elliott laughed, and took another deep breath of the joint, his eyelashes fluttering. "We didn't have sex, just... you know, the moor is kind of like a bog, and we were flying over it, and had a picnic on one of those rocky outcroppings, and... I dunno." He grabbed the bottle from the floor next to Blaise and took another drink. "He did some things I found enjoyable."

"I would, but you seem to be more of a Theodore-slut than anything else," Daphne said to Blaise, then turned to Elliot. "A picnic? Are you kidding, Moon?"

Blaise glared at Daphne and turned back to Elliott. "That's so romantic! Though I can't imagine it was very comfortable..."

"You two sops. Picnics are dead boring, and horribly over done, unless it includes a hot shag, but in your situation I don't see how that'd be comfortable."

He flushed bright red. "You can't get food anywhere else on the moor, it's a mix of valleys and bogs. We were looking for the cave in the villager's tales, and so obviously we brought lunch. It wasn't meant to be a date originally." Elliott pulled his fingers frantically through his hair. I think I prefer girls, but I find myself attracted to guys on occasion," he explained.

Daphne put a hand on Elliott's to stop him from pulling the hair out of his head. "Relax, Ell, I was just teasing."

Blaise scoffed. "On occasion? You'll learn..." He chuckled at Elliott's blush. "There's no need to be embarrassed around us. We both obviously like blokes as well."

"Yeah, blokes are brilliant," Daphne teased. "And I wouldn't object to you two "experimenting" right here, either."

Elliott smirked, some of his pallor returning to his face. "I like men when they deep-throat me," he said. Elliott dropped the joint on the floor, singing his shoe. "Wha..."

Blaise slung an arm around Elliott's neck. "Of course you do, dear," he mumbled in the other boy's ear. "You're such a pervert, Daph. Look, you've scared him."

"'Atta boys, keep going," she laughed. "Ah you know I'm joking, no need to go burning your shoes now is there?"

He raised an eyebrow and grinned at Blaise. "Aah, why don't we have a jolly old threesome, I'm sure I'd find that quite satisfying," he said, a dark glint in his eye as he looked at Daphne.

"I get two fine men out of the deal?" Daphne smirked at the two, and added. "Two fine stoned men?"

Blaise frowned and examined his nails. "Unless you gain a body part and lose a few, I'm not so sure," he said in Daphne's direction. "No offense, you understand."

She grinned, "I understand, Blaise, but I still wouldn't say no to seeing you two go at it for awhile." She smirked at Blaise, and sat back on the arm of the chair. "Elliot can explore the other side of the coin a bit more."

Elliott blushed again at Daphne, and looked at Blaise. "I'm surprised there's so much... acceptance here," he said, and then proceeded to try and stand up, but fell over immediately. "Whoa, the ceiling came outta nowhere..." He looked up at them, grinning. "I think I'm staying down here now."

Blaise gave Daphne a warning look and then looked down at Elliott and laughed. "You've maybe had a bit much," he said.

He pulled on Blaise's arm, and then Daphne's. "You guys have got to see this. It's like swimming. Look at the world from a new perspective once in awhile."

Daphne fell on top of Elliot, and immediatly decided he'd had quite enough of that for one night. She eased off him slowly, kissed him on the cheek, and took the weed, and joint away from him.

Elliott protested quietly at his weed being taken away. "Well... suppose you're right," he said, proceeding to pull her a little closer.

Blaise eyed the two carefully and took another long swig from the bottle, getting down onto the floor to sit with them and lean against a chair.

"Ell, you're stoned out of your mind," she informed him, and lay back beside him anyway, to investigate the ceiling he claimed was fascinating.

Elliott stroked Daphne's hair absently. "You're both really hot," he murmured. "Whoops... I'll shut up now."

Blaise giggled a bit. 'Theo Theo Theo' he chanted over and over again in his mind.

"Well, we don't need you to tell us that," Daphne told him, and motioned for Blaise to help her get him up.

"Quite right." Blaise grabbed one of Elliott's hands and pulled.

Elliott allowed himself to be pulled up. "Thanks. Please keep my summer things secret, right?" he asked, steadying himself slowly. "It's kind of hard to get used to." As he became more sober, he started blushing again, remembering what he had told them.

"No worries, Ell, your secret's safe with us. Well I don't know about Blaise after he's had too much to drink, but its safe enough for now," she assured him softly.

"Oh, bugger off. I'm wonderful at keeping secrets," Blaise said, smiling at Elliott.

He grinned. "That's quite a weight off my chest," he said, wrapping his weed back up in the paper, and stuffing it in his bag. "Oh, Blaise, you wanted my sweater?" he asked, holding it up. "I thought it was in my trunk but I brought it with me to Scotland. It's perfectly washed after that incident," he said, tossing him the sweater.

Blaise caught it and held it away from his body, cringing a bit. "Which one?"

"No problem, just don't ever get stoned like that alone, because there'll be no one to pick you up then," she said watching the boy stumble a bit. She laughed at Blaise's expression when he caught the sweater.

"The moor trip," he said. "But I wasn't even wearing it and I Scourgified it several times, I swear." Elliott grinned at Daphne. "I was only joking with you," he added to Blaise.

"Well of course you weren't wearing it," she said glancing at Blaise, "it would have been pulled off at once."

Blaise pulled the sweater over his head and laughed. He fixed his hair and posed. "How do I look?"

"Smashing," he said. "It's a lot better on you than on me."

Daphne stared for a moment. "Oh super smashing!" she said in an exaggerated high voice. "It absolutely matches your eyes, and did I mention how well it looks with your complexion?" she teased.

Blaise rolled his eyes and laughed. He ruffled Elliott's hair. "I doubt that, you look lovely in blue." He glared at Daphne. "You're so horrible to me," he whined.

"Aw, poor Blaise," she said pinching his cheek.

"I know, what am I to do without Theo around to protect me from girls?" he asked, pouting.

Daphne laughed. "The big bad yucky girls." She pretended to pout.

Elliott smiled, putting his arm around Daphne's waist. "I'll protect you from big bad Theodore when he gets here," he said jokingly. "I haven't seen Nott in ages, I wonder how he's doing..."

Daphne pretended to hide behind him. "Its you I should be protecting from him, giving Blaise your sweater and everything. Tut, tut."

"Oh, come on. Teddy would never hurt a fly..." Blaise said.

Daphne smirked evilly. "I won't comment on that, Blaise, but then again you're no fly."

Blaise blushed and rubbed the back of his neck with one hand. "I'm definitely more scared of you than I am of him, Daph."

Daphne laughed. "Of course you are."

Elliott grinned at them. "Come on, if I didn't know better I'd say this was flirtation." He picked up his bag. "I think I'm going to bed now to get a head start on this hangover I'll have," he said.

"Ugh, you can't be serious," Blaise said, looking disgusted. "All right, let's go, then."

"Don't worry, I know you better than that," he said. "Goodnight, Daph, see you tomorrow."

"G'night, Ell," Daphne said to him, "I have to finish my bloody homework anyway. See you later, Blaise, don't you two get into to too much fun up there without me."

Elliott blushed hard, glancing at Blaise. "Erm, I think not."

Blaise looked slightly offended. "Night, love," he said, kissing Daphne on the cheek.

"Joking, boys, only joking," Daphne told them grinning, "Nighty, night." And she left the common room, up the stairs to the girl's dorm.

"Come on, Moon. Let's go." Blaise headed up the steps to the boy's dormitory.

Elliott tramped up the steps and turned the corridor. flopping onto his bed. "Alright, then. Night, Blaise. Sleep well."
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