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This RPG takes place in Harry's sixth year. With the war going on, there are no Hogsmeade weekends, shorter curfews for wandering the grounds, and hardly any of the students leave school for the holidays. Hogwarts is a sort of sanctuary for them, but many of the students can't help feeling restless and trapped. (Hence the name 'Asylum', it works in both senses of the word.) The students have been given journals to outlet their feelings, serving as a sort of open window. The current date corresponds to the date in the RPG. There is no defined plot at the moment, all of us are going to come up with it together.

1. Be active in the RPG.
I want this to be a fun game. If you don't update, everyone suffers. All the characters are connected to each other in one way or another, and it's not fair if only a select few update. I ask for an entry at least once a week. It's really not that difficult, it's just a few minutes out of your day. Also, comment on the other players' journals and try and RP on AIM, Y!M, or MSN. I want this to be a good RPG, and if everyone updates, it won't die out like so many do.

2. The characters should act like they do in canon.
Alright, this one's a bit complicated. What I mean is that the characters must have the same personalities they do in the books, and respond to situations the way that character would respond. (Example: Hermione is not a ditz, and Harry is not a whore.) However, they are allowed to be in situations you wouldn't necessarily find in the books, so long as they retain their personalities/character traits. (Example: Hermione and Draco could fall madly in love, but Draco's still got to act like a little snobby bastard and Hermione's still got to be a bossy bookworm. They just don't necessarily have to detest each other.) Basically what this rule means is you're allowed to have whatever plots you want, but the characters should respond to it the way they would really respond.

3. Plotwise, be patient.
If you're working toward an ultimate goal in a plot, then give it some time, especially if it's a romance plot. For instance, Harry wouldn't just wake up one morning to realise he's gay and madly in love with Draco Malfoy. First would be him realising he's attracted to men, then coming to terms with that and accepting it, then coming out, then managing to somehow develop a crush on Draco Malfoy after several incidents that could help that along. Yes, people often prefer instant gratification and would like a sort of Romeo and Juliet, love-at-first-sight plot, but it's really a lot more rewarding if you put an effort into your plot and work toward it. It also makes the game feel a lot more real, which is what I'm going for.

4. Interact with each other.
Try and get to know each other OOC. We'll try and have plenty of chats on AIM or Y!M, when there's enough people on. Players should ask each other for RP sessions and talk to each other about plots. Interacting OOC helps the characters interact with each other better. However, please don't attack each other's choices that they make for their character. If you think someone is getting too OOC, take it up with the mod and I'll talk to them. (Don't worry, I won't mention your name.) But, like I said, I care more about the characters' personalities than the plots they're involved in.

5. Be mature.
This RPG will involve adult situations. Sex, alcohol, all that stuff is allowed. This means that the players must be mature. If you're not able to handle that kind of thing, then maybe you ought to find a different RPG. However, please keep it realistic, remember that they're teenagers.

6. Talk to the mod.
I try to be nice, and I'm on AIM quite a bit. If you have a question or a problem, please don't hesitate to ask about it. I'm not picky about individual plots, but if you have an idea that affects all the characters (example: a ball or a talent show), bring it up with me, I'm open to about anything.

Guidelines for posting:
An individual journal is required for each character. This is where you post your characters thoughts on what's going on, and all the other characters are free to comment. Anything that is the character's private thoughts should be marked as such.
The community journal is used for RPing. All chat logs should go in this journal behind LJ-cuts. It can also be used for RP threads.
Anything OOC goes in the OOC community. This includes suggestions, ideas, OOC comments, or just anything that isn't RPing.

To Apply
If you haven't been scared away yet, please send an application to ginny.malfoy@gmail.com with the following information:

1.Character Name
2.Character Age
4.Background Information
6.Sample Entry
7.Sample RP (Third person, please. Just write about your character in the Great Hall or in their common room or something.)
8.Journal name
9.Who do you plan to use for the icons?

1.Your name
2.AIM, MSN, and/or Y!M names
3.Do you have RPG experience? (Not required, just curious.)

Note, by applying you are verifying that you have read and understand all the rules. If you have any questions, I (Rachael) can be reached on AIM at lemonypotter or MSN at tallhobbit@hotmail.com

Taken Characters

Colin Creevey-iamcolincreevey
Seamus Finnigan-irish_one
Hermione Granger-clever_girl_
Neville Longbottom-just_nev
Harry Potter-harry_evans
Ginny Weasley-mind_aflame
Ron Weasley-cannons_for_cup

Daphne Greengrass-dc_greengrass
Draco Malfoy-frozen_serpent
Theodore Nott-im_nott_me
Blaise Zabini-blaizing_torch
Elliot Moon-boyofthemoor

Zacharias Smith-hufflepuffbloke

Padma Patil-raven_twin